Multi attributes analysis

• 2D/3D/4D Seismic interpretation.
• Multi attributes analysis.
• Simultaneous inversion attributes computation for reservoir characterization.
• Shale oil/ shale gas reservoir characterization and sweet spot localization.
• Tight reservoir characterization.
• Spectral decomposition analysis and rgb blending for prospects configuration imaging.
• Gpr acquisition and interpretation for civil engineering and archeology.

Water Saturation Sw attribute is a powerful attribute that would guide the exploration team for better prospect and reservoir risk analysis and ranking.

DHIA is an attribute that help for Fluid discrimination as presented in the figure above. DHIA can help to clearly separate between gas/ oil anomalies (red anomalies are gas accumulations and green anomalies are revealing the oil reservoirs).

List of the new Attributes:
Compressibility modulus.
Bulk modulus.
Water Saturation Sw.
Volume of sand or Volume of Shale.
Pore compressibility attribute.
Consolidation attribute.
K dry Attribute.
Shape pore Coefficient
K matrices.
Tortuosity attributes.
Permeability attribute.
Total porosity.
Effective porosity.
Fracture density index attribute.
G 1 and G 2 ON parameters.
HDIA (hydrocarbon discriminator index) Biot coefficient.
Skinton coefficient.
New Brittleness attribute.
Other attributes in relation with TOC estimation, fracture density etc. would be also available for unconventional reservoirs in the near future.